Saturday, April 11, 2009

The LAN Widow

From midday yesterday until one this morning, my DF had his 2 closest friends over for a LAN (Local Area Network) aka a NERD PARTY.

While this was going on I achieved soooo much because I was trying to stay out of their way. I got 2 loads of washing, the dishes, 2 scrapbooking layouts (not very exciting, can't be bothered sharing them), two beautiful boxes (one for the wedding guest "cards" and the other for recipes) all done AND i painted the back of the "something borrowed something blue" album i started the other day. I managed to get small smudges of paint on the wrong side too. :( I also added a bundle of little stickers and some Bella journaling spots and away we go. All done. I also did the Red Arrow walk then I went over to a friend's place and a bunch of us girls had dinner together and then watched P&P (it was my first time watching it) and I am a newly converted Mr Darcy fan. Came home from Cat's place to the scene above (not much had changed since I'd left several hours earlier other than a few empty pizza boxes). At least it'll give me something to scrap! :)


Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Nerd party - LOL (what does he think about you calling it that)
Have a great easter.

Antonella Ryan said...

Ohh Nice Nerd Party hehe Have a Chocolate filled Easter Love me xox

Maria said...

He fully embraces the term, Christine! :P