Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm having a mini-sook about changing my name in July next year when Ben & I get married. My surname tells people i'm local, tells people i'm a wog, tells people that yes i am in fact related to my cousin who is also a teacher. Oh and yes, I am related to Mick. But only just... he's like my fourth cousin. So that is what THAT layout is about above.

The following is just a pic of me and Nay-nay (Ben's 18 year old sister) hanging out just the two of us for like the first time ever.

I'm feeling a lot more comfy with my scrapping style these days...
Have been discussing what our scrapping THINGs are on Scrap Therapy tonight and i have decided that mine is vibrant colour. What's your thing?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Yes, I Would Match Stripes & SpOts...So?

I'm happy with how I scrap.
I've been scrapping in some way or another my whole life, scrapping "seriously" (with actual scrapping materials) for the last year and a half and scrapping well... for... well... about a week?
I'm finally happy with the way i scrap. My style has matured. I think, anyway. What do you think? Seriously... scroll down and take a look at what i was passing for serious scrapping some 9 months ago. I'm not doing too badly now, am I? :P

There's some urgency in my scrapping at the moment... i know that my leisure time will be significantly reduced if I get a full time teaching position next year. Yes, that's right, I *still* don't have a job lined up. I am a-ok with continuing relief work though, but would much prefer a class of my own, obviously. ANYway, there's a sense of a chapter of my life closing and i feel like i have to get it all sorted and scrapped now while it's still relevant in case i get to the next chapter and can't remember what the last one looked, smelled and felt like.

Some November Scrappy Happenings:

This is a 4 tabbed journal thingo that i'm hoping to use as a date-planner for next year... 4 tabs, 4 terms. I've had it up to HERE with everyone pointing out how not practical it is and how it is way too small and will never get used for its original intention. I think it's cute and i will use it. End of story.

These are the cards i made for Challenge 4 for the November Cyber Crop at Scrap Therapy... They were featured on the blog. STOKED! :D

I've been thinking about how my style's matured so much and so quickly over the space of a few months... I think i owe a lot to the girls at Scrap Therapy for their support, encouragement and most of all their inspiring challenges! It has really got me hooked on scrapping and yeah... it's just... fun. LOL. I'm having a gammin' time writing this, i'm hungry and not thinking too "well." Hahahaha. Have a good weekend :)