Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Long Lost

I don't normally celebrate Halloween, but when a long lost 4th cousin (who is just about MY AGE) invited me to her party, i just had to say yes! I really wanted to meet my cousins who, while they are only distantly related to me, are the only relatives i have that are CLOSE TO MY AGE. As someone who has hated being an only child and being so generationally challenged in my extended family, it was a hugely big deal to finally get the chance to know family around my own age. I went all by myself knowing NOBODY and had a fantastic time with Kat, Jase, Jessica and Mark as well as some of their mates.
Me & Jessica... she's been trying to tell me that, from my photos on facebook at least, she thinks we look alike. I was like nahhhhh i don't see it.. until we had this photo together on Saturday night. I sort of see it now :)
Jason & Mark

Jessica (devil), Me (minnie mouse) and Kathryn (witch)