Thursday, April 17, 2008

When Two Interests Become One...

Since I was 17 I have loved op-shopping for a bargain. Several times over the years I've actually taken the time to sit down and write reviews on all the op shops I've been to around town (all but one of them... it always looks closed when i drive past). I've gone through phases with my op shopping over the years. I looked for trendy clothes. I looked for random, funky clothes. I looked for party costumes. I looked for retro orange kitchenware. I looked for deer statues. I looked for little treasures incorporating cute little kids with pigtails and strawberries. I looked for books and magazines. I looked for stuff i could use at school in my prac classroom. I looked for stuff i could use at home. I looked for furniture. I've looked (and found) just about anything you could think of in an op shop. At present, i op shop for little bits of bric-a-brac that i can use in my craft. Scrapbooking can get so expensive so it's nice to know there are other options out there.

Today i found & purchased:
2 x small wooden craft "crates" (one plain wood, the other painted black, decorated and gifted to someone named "Juliette" for her birthday in 2003: i will have to sand this one back before i make it mine).
1 x jar full of buttons
5x 80s Style "Queensland" fridge magnets
1 x House Shaped "Home Sweet Home" fridge magnet
1 x Flamingo Pink nylon knitting ribbon (i hadn't seen the stuff in YEARS and all of a sudden it's popping up everywhere i go... my mum recently gave me cushion covers out of the family glory box and they were made of the same stuff but in these wicked fluro colours!)
3 x ladybird maths books circa 1982 (if my interpretation of roman numerals isn't failing me!)
1 x little 21st key
1 x bright yellow belt buckle
2 x really really old books of sheet music
All up this cost approximately $17

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scrapbooking Space

This is where my scrapbooks come to life...
Yes, that is our dining table.
No, Ben doesn't mind... we eat in front of the telly anyway!