Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Scrappy World at the Moment

It's a jumble in here!

This isn't the most coherent post ever:

At the moment my scrapping world is all over the place and partially boxed up.
The settlement date has been moved forward to the 7th of August so we will be moving in approximately 2 and a half weeks if all goes well. We've started packing and I started with my scraproom!

I started to scrap wedding photos in an album very similar to that which i used for my Kitchen Tea album but i very quickly lost interest in any attempt to scrap using the white/red/black colour scheme even though i had started to stock up on papers and embellishments of those colours. IT'S JUST TOO HARD TO SCRAP IN RED! I don't like it :( SoooOOo I've decided against sticking to the colour scheme and am scrapping the more neutral photos (black & white OR ones where the red colour scheme isn't too apparent) in pinks and blues and other softer colours. I enjoy that a LOT more and it is a LOT prettier, in my opinion.

A lot has happened within my local community in the last few days and it's left a lot of people feeling very shocked and saddened and, while i'm not directly affected by any of it, I work with people who are in the thick of it and it's rough going at the moment so my scrappy world has been a great escape for me. I love that I have this hobby that can allow me to reflect and relax and just shut off from other stuff for a little while. To take my mind off things, I've set myself a personal challenge:
5 days, $5, 5 op shops.
For those who don't know, i am a MAD KEEN op shopper and pride myself on the fact that I have visitted EVERY op shop in the Cairns area and could literally write a review on each and every one of those on demand if anyone ever asked. :P I rarely get the opportunity to go on an op shop hop these days but when i do... ohh i love it.
This afternoon was Day 1 and I spent 80c at the Red Cross Op Shop in Raintrees. I purchased 2 4m x 8cm strips of vintage fabrics... one was white with blue flowers and the other was white with pink flowers. I suspect they are off-cuts from old sheets as the pink pattern looks vaguely familiar... I think nanna might have those sheets at home!! The lady behind the counter absolutely beamed at me when i told her i intended to use the fabric for my scrapping. YAY!

Anyway, enough random rambling from me. Have a great day whenever you read this :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Too Good To Use

True Romance is a layout i made with this week's STM challenge in mind. We were to use lyrics from the song "That's What I Like About You." It's my first time doing a layout for STM!

Lee-Anne over at Scrap Therapy set a long weekend surprise challenge to use stuff from our "too good to use" stash. I've been doing just that.
Prima flowers, Heidi Swapp Letters, laces i won from the Let's Get Shabby first ever RAK.
Mmmmmm it's fun using the good stuff! :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Shabby Shabby Shabby!!

Some recent layouts...
One is for the Pinkalicious Sketches Blog where I am a DT.

Another is for the July Challenge at Let's Get Shabby.
Can you guess which is which? All will be revealed later this weekend when Ant announces the new sketch for the month... it will become very clear which one is based on that.

I just got some PRIMA stuff from Lee-Anne over at Scrap Therapy so I'm going to keep on scrapping tonight... I might add some more layouts later this evening!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wedding Photos

The Boys
The Reception Venue

The Table Settings & Bombonierre
Ben with his siblings

mmmm cake!


Pretty Cake... tastes amazing too... we have heaps leftover!

With our mate Azza's car (he did stacks of "amateur" photos for us on the day out of the goodness of his heart and did a FANTASTIC job), love that guy! Champion.

The Bridal Party: Adam, Russ, Me, Ben, Annie, Hannah

My 2nd cousin & I

Our guests


Signing the register

Ben came to meet me halfway down the aisle... he was crying, i was grinning.

Me stepping out of the lexus

Me looking like i'm about to lay a pavlova egg. Mmmm meringue.
Photos are a combination of our pro photos and Azza's photos.
This was truly the best day of our lives, we had a BLAST! Absolutely loved it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Going to the Chapel of Love

"I'm going to the chapel... and i'm... gonna get maa-aaa-aaarried!"


3 Sleeps to Go!

I will post mid/late next week with PHOTOS and GOSSIP and STUFF... have a great weekend!