Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wedding Photos

The Boys
The Reception Venue

The Table Settings & Bombonierre
Ben with his siblings

mmmm cake!


Pretty Cake... tastes amazing too... we have heaps leftover!

With our mate Azza's car (he did stacks of "amateur" photos for us on the day out of the goodness of his heart and did a FANTASTIC job), love that guy! Champion.

The Bridal Party: Adam, Russ, Me, Ben, Annie, Hannah

My 2nd cousin & I

Our guests


Signing the register

Ben came to meet me halfway down the aisle... he was crying, i was grinning.

Me stepping out of the lexus

Me looking like i'm about to lay a pavlova egg. Mmmm meringue.
Photos are a combination of our pro photos and Azza's photos.
This was truly the best day of our lives, we had a BLAST! Absolutely loved it.


Sandra D said...

Beautiful photos Maria! It really shows through that you had a great day and enjoyed yourselves. Congratulations!

Julie said...

you look gorgeous Maria love the pics. Congrats

Pinkalicious Sketches said...

I love all these photos you looked BeautifuL!!

Jodi said...

Maria, you were so beautiful and how touching seeing that photo where Ben met you half way especially after having just read the story!!! You looked like a princess and i totally love the red reception!!!
Im so pleased it all worked out for you and you have such beautiful memories of the event.