Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kickin' off the Girliest Week Ever

It's school holidays.

These are my first school holidays as a real teacher and i am looking forward to two weeks of sleeping in, catching up with mates and not having to do all that much at all.

The first week is choc-full with specialist doctors' appointments and all sorts of other errands I didn't have the time or inclination to do while relief teaching. Annie & I have an all-day-all-night girly extravaganza planned for Tuesday... this will involve some bridal shopping (she can't make it to Saturday's appointment cos she'll be working), lunch, op-shop-hopping, scrapbooking, facials, manicures & pedicures and probably watching a girly dvd or two.. AND she's sleeping over! I've only ever been to one girly sleepover (last YEAR) so this is a HUGE deal for me. Poor Ben's going to have to put up with us! Hahaha. On Saturday, Chloe (my best mate and maid of honour) will be up from Townsville and so she and Hannah and myself are going to go to the bridal shops and try to sort out the dresses for the wedding...yeah...good luck with THAT! I am feeling so indecisive about the dress! Then the next day, Sunday, it will be my Kitchen Tea Party at Mum & Nanna's house where i grew up. IT'S THE GIRLIEST WEEK EVER.

To kick it off, i made the front cover for my Kitchen Tea Recipe Book........

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cairns Crop!!

Today I went along to my first Scrap Therapy Crop. Fun!! :) I had been feeling sick all morning and didn't think i'd make it but i felt a bit better after lunch so off i went; cardstock and patterned paper tucked under my arm! Here is a layout i did when i got home from the crop, using letters i cut out with the sizzex machine.

I am in love with the Sizzex Machine... just thought I'd add that here. Big Big Love.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I've Made Lately...

I've been sooo busy.. I've started relief teaching at a few local schools. There's lots of variety, huge challenges and lots of fun. I'm loving it! Every day is an adventure! :)
In my spare time, I've made lots of crafty stuff... this is what I've made lately:

1. Teaching Diary: Where i keep notes on which schools i've been working at and what dates i worked there so that i can cross check my payslips.
2. Kitchen Tea Party invites... well, someone's gotta do them! :) I know that the shower should be held by my girls, but meh... I'm scrapping inclined and i LOVED making them so what's the bid deal?
3. My entry into the Scrap Therapy Thickers/Leftovers Challenge.
4. The completed Bridesmaid Boxes. WOOHOO!
5. Re-scrapped the night Benny proposed to me (almost a year ago)