Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I've Made Lately...

I've been sooo busy.. I've started relief teaching at a few local schools. There's lots of variety, huge challenges and lots of fun. I'm loving it! Every day is an adventure! :)
In my spare time, I've made lots of crafty stuff... this is what I've made lately:

1. Teaching Diary: Where i keep notes on which schools i've been working at and what dates i worked there so that i can cross check my payslips.
2. Kitchen Tea Party invites... well, someone's gotta do them! :) I know that the shower should be held by my girls, but meh... I'm scrapping inclined and i LOVED making them so what's the bid deal?
3. My entry into the Scrap Therapy Thickers/Leftovers Challenge.
4. The completed Bridesmaid Boxes. WOOHOO!
5. Re-scrapped the night Benny proposed to me (almost a year ago)

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