Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Scrappy Days

Last night I was bored and turned two "cigar boxes" from Spotlight into themed sticker boxes for my scrap collection... will make finding "baby" and "birthday" stickers that much easier when I go to make cards!
I also tidied up my scrap-table... my cutting mat is absent as it is still sitting over HERE in the computer room after a maths-related prac frenzy where i couldn't find anything with 1cm x 1cm grid lines on it so that i could attempt to solve a stoooooooooooooooopid problem involving a billiard table before i taught it to the extension maths group the following day.

Oh, and the other day I scrapped this little beauty documenting "my current job" ... the first page i've completed for my "welcome to my life - 2008" book.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Bible Verse Book

It's rather random... there is NO continuity from one page to the next... so... aesthetically, there are no design principles at work with this album.
BUT i love it because it is a work in progress featuring some of my current favourite bible quotes.

It's been awhile...

I haven't written an entry in SO long!
(I'm not too worried, I have it on pretty good authority that nobody actually reads this as nobody i know knows that it exists!!)
I've been soooo busy over the last two months. Sadly, in early June, Ben wrote off his car when we had an accident on the Smithfield Roundabout on our way to Young Adults. :( We were very lucky to get out of there more or less unharmed. Basically, we were going around the roundabout at a normal/slow speed in the wet and we lost control, slid out and somehow ended up hitting a pole and then facing the opposite direction to which we'd been travelling in IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GRASSY PART OF THE ROUNDABOUT. We're pretty lucky we didn't roll and i'm pretty lucky the pole fell where it did and not a few centimetres closer in my direction. There was Vacation Care (we went on excursions to the movies, the zoo and sizzler). I've been really busy with getting my job applications in and have started the interview processes involved with getting a teaching position. There was the jo-vo swap with my buddy Russ (part 2 is still pending Boofhead finding the time to come along) where we had a "cultural exchange" of sorts.
I am currently on my final teaching prac (FOUR WEEKS TO GO!)

Craft-wise, I have made a bazillion of those CD-Fridge-Magnet-Cards for friends lately but keep forgetting to take photos of them before I gift them. ARGH! Haha. I also made a cool round box for my sister-in-law-to-be when she stayed over our place the other night, and again, I forgot to take a photo of it first! I've been participating in the Make Believe Masters competition on Scrap Therapy forums and have found it very challenging but exciting. My favourite task was the calendar. I made a calendar in a BOX for 2009. Something different, anyway. Hehe. I've also been sifting my way through various photos (new & old, mine & mums) and scrapping away happily. I started my little book of random favourite bible verses (it is very random... there's little continuity in this album but i love the quotes and i love making each page different so i really don't CARE!)

Calendar in a Box:

Recent Layouts:

Ben & I at our Year 12 Formal, 2003.
Ben's Car after the Crash aka Barry the Magna's Untimely Demise (June 2008)

Zia's Awesome "Reach for a Peach" shirt at the beach in the early 90s

My year 12 Senior Induction Day, 2003

The ROSHC Club

I'm always joking about how our workplace is a lot like the Baby Sitter's Club... i thought i'd give a ROSHC Club Layout a go. Inspiration taken from old school BSC book covers :)

Me & Karina at our Mug (and TREE) ceremony at JCU. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cards I Made for the July CyberCrop Card Challenge:

(Challenge: Cards must include triangles, hearts & at least one card must be square shaped)