Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Scrappy Days

Last night I was bored and turned two "cigar boxes" from Spotlight into themed sticker boxes for my scrap collection... will make finding "baby" and "birthday" stickers that much easier when I go to make cards!
I also tidied up my scrap-table... my cutting mat is absent as it is still sitting over HERE in the computer room after a maths-related prac frenzy where i couldn't find anything with 1cm x 1cm grid lines on it so that i could attempt to solve a stoooooooooooooooopid problem involving a billiard table before i taught it to the extension maths group the following day.

Oh, and the other day I scrapped this little beauty documenting "my current job" ... the first page i've completed for my "welcome to my life - 2008" book.

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