Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm Still Alive!!

I haven't updated my blog for over 2 months... not sure that anybody noticed but in case you did and were worried about my wellbeing, I'm perfectly fine. I've been incredibly busy with my life as a half-Innisfailian (working 2 days per week over an hour away), celebrating my 24th birthday, celebrating my cousin's 18th birthday and am about to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary!!

As a result, I've had barely any time or inclination to do any scrapbooking... this is what I've done in the last 12 or so weeks.
A mini-album about my Nanno who passed away exactly 9 years ago tomorrow. He was the father figure in my life; I lived with my mum and grandparents while I was growing up. He died when I was 15 and my memories of him are fading fast so I brainstormed as much as I could remember and crammed it into this album.

Life is Like a Rodeo.... this layout is either going to be a gift to my cousin (seeing as it is him and his first bullride featured on the page) or will be kept by me as a reminder about remaining positive and hopeful in the face of the ups & downs of life (and the song by Lee Kernaghan which is now one of my all time fave songs)... I'm in two minds about it cos my cous is not the mushy type and I don't know if he'd appreciate a scrapbook page as a gift but at the same time it's just too nice not to give to him, in my opinion. We'll see. Shh... don't tell him. :P

A mini album featuring our new puppy, Cruiser. We've had him for just over a month now and I've left some gaps in the album to fill with newer pictures. He is a red cattle dog X kelpie but looks more like an overgrown beagle at the moment.

Ohhh and finally I can reveal the 18th album I gave my cousin Jessica for her birthday. I've said it before and I'll say it again... i know this lot are "only my fourth cousins" which is painfully unrelated but to me, they might as well be my first cousins, they've embraced me and i love them to pieces too. Her 18th was a good night; she had a fluro themed party. Here are some pics of my cousins and I in our fluro gear...

Ohhh and my 24th birthday party was... interesting! Had about 25 people over for a bbq and drinks and my cousin Kathryn surprised me by coming up from Townsville (it was quite funny, I'd been confiding in her about how worried/annoyed I was about people who said they weren't coming and would then show up at the party and expect us to have bought enough food to feed them all cos people weren't RSVPing properly meanwhile she was lying to me telling me that she wasn't going to be able to make it due to university commitments and all this... she had her siblings and a few mutual friends in on it too). Yes, I screamed like a little girl when I realised she was at the front door. I wound up with THREE birthday cakes, one of which was sprinkled with the word SPAZ (a new nickname, apparently) courtesy of our best mate Russ and err.. the cheesecake shop. It was a mad fun night, I'll never ever forget it!

Yeah.... I've been a little busy!