Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today was my university graduation ceremony... I wasn't overly enthused about it all... i mean, I completed my course last August so it all seemed a little redundant. BUT ANYWAY:

Hmm... starting to wish I *had* invested in some professional photos today cos the ones I've got are rather dodgy... and I missed photo opportunities with some of my closest mates with all of their grad gear on too. WHOOPS. Oh well.

Here are some of my pics from today... hopefully the ones my aunties took are of better quality. That's my mum, me and 2 of my aunties in the photo above.
This is Carla, Me & Bernadette... we all graduated today and we all teach at the same school this year.

This is Hannah's hubbie Graeme... getting ready for next year's ceremony a little bit early!

This is Melissa M & I. We go to church & young adults group together.

Yes, here I am posing with my Degree. By this stage I'd had about a million pics taken with this thing and I was seriously over it.
Russ even came along to my grad... so here I am with my favourite guys.
And here's one last crazy not-posing-properly photo of me in my Harry Potter get-up.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy Weekend

Me, Katie & Meg

Today the old ROSHC girls got together for a lunch at the cafe for the very last time before Meg leaves for Brisbane tomorrow. The layout titled "My Girls" which is a few posts below ended up being my gift to her. It was great to see Amanda and baby Jazzy again too. Then tonight we all went out to say goodbye and, of course, take some awesome photos!
Tomorrow the Young Adults Group is running the service at church as part of Youth Week celebrations. So exciting, can't believe a year's gone by since we last did it. Heaps fun and this time the group is absolutely thriving so it will be awesome! We're having everyone over for lunch afterwards too. Good times.
It's been a tough weekend for other reasons but I'm trying really hard not to think about it too much and focus on the good stuff and hope that the not-so-good-stuff sorts itself out soon.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Around 2009 is 60 Pages...

Well, I wasn't going to participate in a 365 Challenge...
"Too hard" "too much effort" "not enough time" were some of my excuses.
Then, just over a week ago, it started. I was in Spotlight when IT HAPPENED... I came across this cute 60 page recipe book. Recipe book my foot!
I decided I would start scrapping the highlights of the year, as captured in photos, in the 60 pages of this book. This would mean I would be trying a whole bundle of new things.
Firstly, I've never done a "whole year project" before.
Secondly, this is only the second "Really Big Album" Project I've done (the Kitchen Tea Album being the other).
Thirdly, I've never done A4 Sized Scrapping before. I always do squares and they're almost always 12 x 12s.
So uh... what do you think, so far?

Oh yeah and finally, I am trying to use a more "shabby chic" style... with mixed results. I feel like i'm repeating the same basic layout formula on all the pages so if anyone has any shabby scrapping links they'd like to share PLEASE do... i need ideas!

ANYway... the "boys" page shows my favourite boys on the planet (my darling fiance Benny and our best mate Russ), the "in-laws" page shows Ben & I with his siblings and the "Christening" layout is about my baby-2nd-cousin's recent christening.
Thanks for looking :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A bit more...

Oh... and here is another layout i made tonight.

As you can see there is some hidden journaling and also some photos poking out from behind the featured photos. It was my first attempt at using KRAFT cardstock and i think i pulled it off with this layout but i'm not very happy with my "doodling" that i did on the pink paper... kinda wrecked the look i was going for. :(
Here is a new photo I cannot WAIT to scrap:

It is quite possibly BEST photo of Benny & I for quite a few years now... he's looking gorgeous after all his weight loss (and his goatee!) and I scrubbed up alright too. We took this photo of ourselves last night before we went out for dinner with our mates.

RAK Pack Winners & Some New Layouts to Share

The winners of my 3 RAK PACKS are.... Sarah, Ant & Christine. Congratulations, girls!
I will mail the RAK Packs out to you over the next week or so, when i get a chance to go to the P.O during its open hours... *sigh*...could be delays if this cyclone hits, though.
Here are some new layouts to share... have been messing around with a more "shabby chic" look and am really enjoying it.
Here is my latest for the BW2 Challenge Blog. The challenge was to use red & white with dominant black as well as a rub on AND some form of distressing. This is Amanda's gorgeous little bubba, Jasmine: