Monday, March 9, 2009

Around 2009 is 60 Pages...

Well, I wasn't going to participate in a 365 Challenge...
"Too hard" "too much effort" "not enough time" were some of my excuses.
Then, just over a week ago, it started. I was in Spotlight when IT HAPPENED... I came across this cute 60 page recipe book. Recipe book my foot!
I decided I would start scrapping the highlights of the year, as captured in photos, in the 60 pages of this book. This would mean I would be trying a whole bundle of new things.
Firstly, I've never done a "whole year project" before.
Secondly, this is only the second "Really Big Album" Project I've done (the Kitchen Tea Album being the other).
Thirdly, I've never done A4 Sized Scrapping before. I always do squares and they're almost always 12 x 12s.
So uh... what do you think, so far?

Oh yeah and finally, I am trying to use a more "shabby chic" style... with mixed results. I feel like i'm repeating the same basic layout formula on all the pages so if anyone has any shabby scrapping links they'd like to share PLEASE do... i need ideas!

ANYway... the "boys" page shows my favourite boys on the planet (my darling fiance Benny and our best mate Russ), the "in-laws" page shows Ben & I with his siblings and the "Christening" layout is about my baby-2nd-cousin's recent christening.
Thanks for looking :)


byclops said...

The album is so "you" isnt it!! Loving the layouts, i've started doing a4s as well for my "book of me" and it's lots of fun doing something to the 12x12s isnt it!!!

Antonella Ryan said...

Ohh Maria I love it!!!

phatassphairy said...

well done on doing something that is pushing out of your triangle

it is looking really good

try going to vinnies and raiding the lace and doyles give a bit more of a vintage shabby look ...just to share a thought

also check the nighties and petticoats ...they sometimes have great flowers that you could use.

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Your book looks great so far - keep up the great work.xx
P.S. I'm loving the A4 scrapping style lately too.