Saturday, August 23, 2008



I had my last day working at after school care... I hope to be teaching in some way or another by September!
In other news...

The Scrap Therapy site is down... well actually, it is apparently only down for some but I am one of the unlucky ones. :(

Anyway, I've been scrapping my little heart out this month so here are some of my latest bits & pieces...

The first layout is one with hidden photos & hidden journaling. The next is one i did for a ST challenge regarding "my greatest achievement." The thankyou card was for my supervising teacher on prac. The ATCs are my very first (very dodgy) attempt at participating in an ATC swap. The CD Magnet Card is for Mel's 25th (still haven't given it to her!). The bear is a WOW promo bear altered to be... super ROSHC bear... a teddy i gave my workplace to hopefully soften the blow of me leaving with little notice. The Treasure Box is my belated birthday present to Nanna. The pink flower card is for Mel & Damo's engagement which is coming up soon. Leaving ROSHC is a pretty self explanatory layout based around the R.E.M song lyrics "leaving new york." The next layout is of Amanda's beautiful baby girl when we all went to see her when she was only ONE day old! And last but not least, the BUGLET layout is my first attempt at the poppet style... the photo is from the day i rocked up to vacation care dressed as a lady beetle when nobody else was in costume... i had read the program all wrong. WHOOPS! The little note is a badge thing Meg had made me the following vacation care when she was making play-badges for herself, the other staff and some of the kids. Anyway i best be off to tutor little Nicole.