Saturday, April 17, 2010

Left Align...

Well, after a very very busy few weeks I have finally had a chance to sit down and scrap over the last few days so here is what I have produced. I'm having a giggle to myself as I upload them as I just noticed they all feature left-aligned photos. I promise, it wasn't done on purpose!

The photo of me & and my first cousin Robbie when we were really little is majorly special to me... I didn't know this photo existed until a few months ago when my aunty showed it to me AND... I don't have very many pics of me playing with my cousins (especially the boys!) even though we were always together and there's a million photos of us... our family has always been one for the big group shot posed photo and not so much the 'aww isn't what they're doing right now so priceless' candid shot. Not that this one is candid but it's just special... I always looked up to Robbie soooo much and he was the closest in age to me so in some ways he was the real closest thing to a brother I had when I was little. He was so much fun to play with back then. We'd play with blocks and cars mostly and those were my favourites so yeah... good times.

My favourite of these layouts is the one called "Mohawk" which i completed for one of the Cybercrop Challenges over at Scrap Therapy. The STers are are cybercropping all this weekend, so pop on over to have a look!