Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Scrappy Happenings

After the epic Kitchen Tea album was completed a few weeks ago, i took a break from scrapping. I turned my attention towards work and on my days off i spent my time de-cluttering our unit, watching Dr Phil and Oprah and getting really clucky for no good reason. It was strange. Anyway, clucky stage over, I reverted back to scrapping. This is what i've made lately:

These cards are for the Scrap Therapy ROCKTOBER ATC swap this month.

This is my "shopping for the dress" page in our "engagement" album.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Kitchen Tea Album....

I FINALLY FINISHED THE KITCHEN TEA ALBUM! It has taken 12 days of almost undivided attention but here are my favourite pages (there are some dodgy ones where i either had NO idea what to do with the dodgy quality -but still important- photos OR where the recipe was presented in such a way that I didn't really have any ideas on how to tie it in with the album theme so i didn't and pretty much just stuck it in with a few minor embellishments).
I'm feeling really accomplished right now... I've never ever done anything like this before in my life... it's HUGE and i love it and it's so filled with love. There are still more recipes to come, apparently, and they will go into the "late entries" envelope on my 2nd last page. So far, there are 25 recipes. Not all of them are presented on a page (clashing colours, etc) some are tucked neatly into little envelopes i stamped with my Kitchen Tea stamp. :) ANYway, enough talking... here it is:

There are over fifty pages in total... mind you, many of them were simple "just glue in the recipes i was given" pages. I'm really proud of my efforts... I'm beyond caring whether i'm any "good" at this... i just love scrapping so much, i don't care! It's for ME and for my loved ones to enjoy.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random Ramblings

The kitchen tea party went off brilliantly despite a few...hiccups. I have thanked Annie x 1 000 000 for what she did to save the day. She was so nervous about public speaking especially to a bunch of strangers (all MY friends and family) but she really stepped up to the plate and organised and ran some games and I'm so glad she did. She's the best! I'm so proud of her and I hope one day i get to return the favour somehow.
It hasn't been the best week... I don't want to go into the negative details here but i'm now down a "best friend" and my maid of honour. Position Vacant? :P Nah, we're seriously not dealing with the practical side of how this impacts the bridal party situation just yet, it's too sore a point right now. Friendship-wise though, i think this is for the best. We're probably better off without eachother, unfortunately. We had some great times though, Clo & I. We're just too different now as adults and yeah i'm so not going into it here. Apart from that, it has been a tough week in other ways and I am soooo thankful for the support of Ben and close friends, namely Russ & Annie. They have been absolute angels and i love them soooooooOOOOoooo much and hope things get better soon.

OH, school holidays are nearly over. I've got 7 random relief days spread out over the term already booked at one of the local schools but apart from that nothing planned yet, work-wise. I reckon the first week or so will be pretty slow (what kind of teacher chucks a sickie on the first few days back after the holidays?) but it should pick up a little. I'm getting a tiny bit nervous as the end of the year draws close. I haven't got anything lined up for next year yet. It's getting closer!! Oh well, God will provide... one way or another.

In scrapping news, it's the ROCKtober Cybercrop at Scrap Therapy this weekend. I've already completed 3 of the 4 main challenges. I must admit I didn't put as much effort into them as I usually would. Firstly because I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm never going to be as good as the extremely talented girls on there and secondly cos my scrapping attention has been focussed on working on the Kitchen Tea Recipe & Scrapbook which I won't show you too much of until it's finished.... Maybe i'll give a sneak peak?
Anyway, hope you have a fantastic week! :)