Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend in Malanda for Melissa & Damien's Wedding

This afternoon we got back from a weekend away for Melissa & Damien's wedding up on the Tablelands. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and very, very true to THEM. Loved it. I cannot WAIT to get these photos developed and to start scrapping them... very exciting stuff!
I caught the bouquet and Ben caught the garter...I wasn't sure if we even qualified as "single" seeing as we're ENGAGED and have been together for 5 and a half years but our mates insisted we were fine to enter and well... I didn't even TRY to catch it... the flowers just came hurtling towards me and i extended an arm and plonk. Mine. Epic moment :)


Jane Smith said...

Congrats on getting your own class...Have a great Chrissie

Xj (came over from S.T)

Antonella Ryan said...

Looks Like you had an awesome time sweety!

byclops said...

Hahhaah i LOVE that you guys won the garter and bouquet...classic!!!