Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Presents I've Made Recently

Here are Annie & Russell's Christmas presents I've made for them.. i'll get them something bought as well but yeah... i wanted to try making something just for a more personal touch, i guess. I'm only posting these up cos i am fairly confident they don't know I've got a blog and consequently won't see them... Annie's looks better but Russ's is more personal... the white bit of folded cardstock is a letter... it's not so much that it's private but rather cos there was so much of it it didn't FIT!

Annie's album:

Annie's Frame:

Russell's Album:

Yeah that's one and a half of those albums... i wish i'd planned russ's album better before i started it.. i stuffed it up so badly and didn't have spare paper and oh, it was drama after drama making it. I had to put it away for a few weeks so that i couldn't see it and wouldn't be tempted to change it again!
SO yeah... those are the "personal presents" my best mates are getting this Christmas...

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Bec said...

Love your presents Maria. They look fantastic.
Good luck with your DT spot in January. I'll be around to do your challenge.