Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pink Shoes!!

I've been debating the pros & cons of buying a pair of Converse All Stars for the last FIVE YEARS. I always wanted an orange pair but they were hard to find in my size. I went to the Converse shop in the new DFO here in Cairns and found that these pink babies were only $50 reduced from $80. How could i say no? Seriously, in the last few months (especially since the lead up to my VERY PINK Kitchen Tea party!) pink has slowly been overtaking orange as my favourite colour. I don't drive "The Corolla With The Pink Grille" for nothing!
I also got some scrapping done this afternoon...

I'm also umming & ahhing over the DT kit i received yesterday... the one for the "member's month" challenge i'm in charge of in January. Not too sure how to work this stuff in with the challenge and examples i had in mind but i'll figure something out!!

Should be fun to play with, anyway!! :)
I hope my throat starts feeling better REALLY soon. I'm so over it! I've been sick for over a week and a half now. It's ridiculous. "Rest & Get Lots of Vitamin C" said the Doctor. :P Uh huh.
I hope to have some new photos by next week... over the next few days I've got:
Mel's Hen's Night
Church Christmas Carols
Young Adults Group Christmas Break Up Party
and even some time spent with the in-laws...............
THEN after that we have a weekend away up in Malanda for Mel & Damo's WEDDING and and and and and then shortly after that it's CHRISTMAS (oooh I best start planning Christmas-Eve-Eve then hey!?!) then... not too sure what the plan is for NYE. We've gone to Tinaroo the last two NYEs in a row but not real sure what the go is this year.
Scrappy Happenings all around... should be good :D


cate said...

oh, your DT paper is yummy! can't wait to see what you do with it... I'm still thinking about my challenge, too!

Sar said...

Hey Maria, thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! Thought I'd visit you in return, and glad I did!!