Monday, January 11, 2010

Today's Scrappings

Over the weekend we celebrated Ben's 25th Birthday (early!) with a "Surprise" Party. We had a few mates around for a BBQ; everyone brought a side dish to share and a lot of fun was had. After some discussion, my random 4th cousins and I decided to crank out the Singstar and, within minutes a small crowd had gathered and quite a few people had a turn at singing. Adam, one of Ben's groomsmen and one of our closest friends decided that he would sing Avril Lavigne's 2002 hit "COMPLICATED" with me IF I drank some more with him and not until AFTER he completed numerous random shots (including Rum shots. Hrmm). His procrastination techniques only worked for a while and eventually we got him up and singing with me. The girls even recorded a small part of it with the video function on my camera. He didn't actually "sing" but it was entertaining in a 'let's laugh with/at our drunk friend' kinda way. Anyway, I have started to scrap a few of the photos from the party so these are the layouts I've done so far. One shows our friends' Nicole & Aarron's little boy Ethan holding hands with Amanda's baby girl, Jasmine. They were incredibly cute when they played together, coloured in together and walked around holding hands together (they even went inside the house looking for somewhere quiet to play alone together - Dad to the rescue!!). All was going really well until Ethan decided he didn't want to share his colouring stuff anymore after all. There was a small tantrum. Jazzy must've spoken softly to him because after this, they were all cute again... and when it came time for Jasmine to leave, she gave him a peck on the cheek. "Mwah"

*sigh* Puppy Love!!

My awesome random cousins and I at the end of the night

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Antonella Ryan said...

They are great!! Love the transformation