Saturday, February 28, 2009

RAK Give Away / Brad Challenge

I cleaned out my "Bits & Pieces" in my scrap stash today. You know, all the "other stuff" apart from paper and cardstock. Amongst the ribbons, buttons, flowers and all the rest... I found an incredible amount of BRADS!

Brads: split pins with funky little bits of awesomeness attached.

I nearly passed out when I found my stash of brads... there were SO many and there were even some un-opened packets! What a waste! ANYWAY... I have a challenge for you.

Make just ONE card using at least ONE brad in an interesting way.

Here is my take on the challenge:

To be in the running for one of three RAK PACKS (yes they do include brads, yes there is other good stuff in there too, don't worry IT'S NOT JUST BRADS!) you will need to either:
1. Leave a Comment in reply to this post ALL ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU LOVE/HATE/ALWAYS USE/NEVER USE BRADS.
2. Leave a Comment in reply to this post which links us up to YOUR CARD that you made using a brad.
There are three packs to give away and you've got to be in it to win it! I can't wait to hear your brad stories and see your braddy cards!
Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.


byclops said...

Hey Maria!!! Well as chance would have it, I read your blog RIGHT before I was about to make a card for our friends that just got engaged!

So thought i'd kill two birds with one stone, (actually maybe 3!) make the card, use brads as per your challenge ANG use up a heap of the square kaisers ones I dont normally use :)

Jump on over to my blog to see what I whipped up!

Antonella Ryan said...

Brads...Hmm I used to never do a layoout without Brads - I love brads for the centres of flowers!!!!! Especially bling Brads!!!!

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

I had a massive clean out last weekend (our LSS was having a scrappy garage sale) - I couldn't believe the amount of brads I found and sold - yes.
I do like brads - used to love them and used them on nearly every LO but they have taken a back seat and the kaiser rhinestones and pearls are now sitting in the front seat - lol.

Sandra D said...

I love those brads that you can thread ribbons though - never seen that before! My use of brads tends to be in flower centres ... in my Oscars Inspiration post on my blog ( there's a blue/brown layout with baby photos on it, with lots of flowers with different sized and shaped brads for flower centres. Sometimes I put these on cards too.

I look forward to checking back there to find some more great ways of using brands.

Antonella Ryan said...

I've left you a little something on my blog sweets xox