Friday, January 7, 2011


Better late than never... that's the December 123 Challenge.

It's been a long time coming. Here is the first proper blog update in a while. The Christmas Season was busier than I'd expected and time ran away from me a bit... ok. I also apologise for the last few days where I've uploaded one layout at a time for challenge blogs.

Alright, I can't believe I hadn't uploaded this one already. I completed this layout MONTHS ago and it has been on display in my scraproom ever since. It's Kat, Jess & I at Jason's 21st all the way back in September.

ANYway... the pic below is from my "She's got some little cousins" album which I did the cover for ohhh ABOUT A YEAR AGO and then never got around to filling in the pages so I've started doing up this album, finally, with pics of my baby cousins. I'm quite enjoying using the Echo Park papers. They're not my ususal scene but they're a lot of fun and very appropriate for the kids.
It's not finished yet... I've only done about 6 pages in it so far.
Ohhh and I've also given up on my broken old home computer and now only use my laptop... and Ben's PC if i need to print something. What does this mean for my scrapping? Well... it means that the old PC is no longer in my scraproom/study... so it's now a just plain CRAFT ROOM... booyeah.... inspiration central (and far too much pink, apparently!)
Here are some pics of my space...

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Melissa said...

Wooohoo Maria, loving your new improved scrappy haven!!!
I can see lots and lots more creating happening in there, just like your mini album and LO's you have shown.