Saturday, May 2, 2009


A whole day of scrapping, 7 layouts, 1 collaboratively-made card and a LOT of talking with new friends later and I am absolutely wiped out... however, i am ALSO really hyped up on chocolate sooooOOOooo I am up and unable to sleep! LOL. Here's pictures of just some of what I got up to today:

The girls surprised Annette & I with Bride to Be packs full of lovely, awesome goodies including these little cuties! :D

Thanks ladies!

Annette & I looking a bit worried about what could happen next... What's Lee-Anne got planned?

The little ones... myself, Ant & Annette.

Thankyou for a lovely day :D


Pinkalicious Sketches said...

Argg I look terrible

annie said...

Lol! I'm still here but am about to have a nanna nap. I'm still tired from yesterday!

Sandra D said...

gorgeous tiara layout Maria! love it

kay vee said...

You girls just look terribly lovely!
Great, to meet you in person, finally - Maria
along with everybody else who attented the PT retreat.