Sunday, January 11, 2009


I haven't done any scrapping in the last few days, have been too busy cleaning the house.
Young Adult's Group is starting back up again tomorrow night AT OUR PLACE for a casual catchup session involving Pizza & the Nintendo Wii. Hopefully the catchup will inspire the others to get back into the regular meetings at church... it's been too long, this holiday break! I'm having serious YADs Group withdrawal!!
The next few days will be my last days of freedom before... professional development and... EEP!...SCHOOL! I wish the weather would get better soon so I can make the most of the last bits of summer.... i want to go swimming, i want to go walking... there's so much i want to doooooOOooo but meh... i'm just having a whinge.
I'm starting to get really excited about having a class of my own and am even getting used to the idea of having year 7s. It turns out that another girl i know also got a job at this school so that will be nice, having a familiar face in the staffroom. Anyway, I best get back to cleaning... yikes!

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Kathie said...

Good on you!! We all have a whinge at times.....oh I love cupcakes and they are really nice to eat, but cook them, nah..... just don't have to time to fiddle at the moment!! Off to Perth on Tuesday so I will check in when I get back and see what you are up to. Will be away for 3 weeks!!